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Unser Kollege Paul Brown aus UK vertritt affilinet auf dem Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona und möchte uns daran teilhaben lassen. Daher erhaltet Ihr von uns laufend Infos zu den neuesten Trends und Entwicklungen. Hier seine ersten Eindrücke: 
small_Adobe_Photoshop_Touch2Today the Mobile World Congress (MWC) started in typical Spanish style with a scorching cafe cortado and a fluffy croissant. Yum.  After completing the easy registration process getting around the congress was a piece of cake- amazing considering that there are over 60,000 people here!


Today was about finding my way around and getting feel for the trending topics, the key things that caught my eye whilst walking around today were as follows:

1. Embedded Mobile: You may have seen a few tweets from me on this, they idea of everything being connected to you via one network protocol or another is looking to becoming closer and closer.  Your Nissan LEAF cars climate control can be controlled by Car Wings, your lighting in your front door lock can be controlled by LiveWatch & if services such as offer an API they can be controlled by an aggregation service like the one Sony Ericsson have been working on.

2. mRetail & NFC: Lots of businesses running demos of mRetail services, interesting battle building between two schools of thought, NFC SIM and NFC built-in to handset.  The former has advantages in less developed markets where smartphones are not common as it means that NFC can be added in after the fact to lower specification handsets.  The downside of NFC SIMS (from what I was told by Valid) an actual manufacturer, is that the consumer UI is not as nice.  In developed Asian, EU & North American markets this may be an issue due to expectation… It may well be that both are required to drive usage and encourage investment in a global infrastructure upgrade across retailers.

3. Leveraged Acquisitions: Quite a few eyes were on the eBay and Paypal stand as they ran demos of various scenarios leveraging recent acquisitions such as Redlaser and Magento (Magento has a great mobile rendering engine).  I also have a video walk through of the eBay fashion app which I will post when back in the office its pretty big!

More to come tomorrow!


“The TV as a term is could be on its way out, the set top box, or the screen itself will soon offer complex multi-way & multi-tasking interactions”

Derek Marshall, Qualcomm


Today’s top 3 Apps were:

App 1: Skifta: Qualcomm’ s vision is a life connected with technology this app enables a vision a guy at Motorola shared with me about 6 years ago…  You are listening to Led Zepplin (if you like that kind of thing, in your hybrid car: see the Nissan Leaf in our Flickr feed).  You park outside your house, plugin your car to charge.  Enter your house, hit an icon or two in Skifta and instantly, Stairway to Heaven continues to play on your Samsung DLNA TV.

App 2: Oonair: Build using the Django framework Oonair has just launched a partnership with fashion retailer Zara.  In the USA shoppers are now able to get their friends opinions on that outfit for tonight’s blind date, currently playing nice on iPad with further roll outs planned soon.

App 3: Adobe Photoshop Touch: Its Flash platform has been shunned by Apple supposedly due to concerns over bugs so it is nice to see Adobe bring things together so at least creative’s (or hobbyist creatives if you want to split hairs) can enjoy it’s products on mobile devices.  The iPad has been criticised by many people as only being a device for consumption but releases like this turn that idea on its head.  Not wanting to put all its eggs in one Applecart or course there is an Android version.


90% of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2015

AT&T, Connect House, #MWC2012


A few inspiring people I heard speaking today or met, follow them on twitter to get their latest thoughts on mobile and more

1. Everybody on the Mozilla Stand! @mozilla They were by far the most impassioned and engaged team I met today and everybody on the stand knew the product, which is more that can be said of some of the other vendors, PLUS, they had the best coffee by a mile, Boston’s finest! Good luck with project #BootToGecko

2. Ignacio @NissanLEAF (I think that is what he said, I am pretty bad with names), on the Connected House stand on behalf of Nissan.  I have never met somebody so impassioned by an electronic car he did a great job of selling it.  If I had a spare €30K I think I might have signed my life away!  Really cool app integration with Car Wings means you can pre-heat your car to your favourite temperature from your bed before you step outside.  This would be perfect for @affilinet_ de team.  It was -20 this winter

3. David Hueso @Qustodian, took me through Qustodian’s offering in detail, it was a great conversation, the team there are very motivated!  Qustodians service takes advantage of any user sentiment against brands invading their mobile space.  Users complete a Yoad (a digital personal profile of things they like and dislike) this enables Qustodian to target its offers better and has been used to great effect in some existing mobile campaigns run by affilinet.

Nissan Leaf Car and Wings

Nissan Leaf Car and Wings

Instream Advertising

Instream Advertising

MWC 2012

MWC 2012

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