affilinet expert panel on a4u expo 2012

Great business opportunities in the SoHo market. For performance marketing the SoHo market (Small office, Home office) is almost undiscovered. According to Dorothea von Wichert-Nick, who facilitated today’s panel discussion on the a4u expo, there are 20 million small and medium enterprises in Europe, which offer a huge business potential for affiliate marketing. They translate into a performance purchase power of more than € 34bn.

The opportunities are driven by the SoHo’s willingness to purchase premium B2B products.

The experts in the panel Stephan Kalleder (Solon Management Consulting), Andreas Palm (1&1),Peter Chaplin, (Freemax Media) have stressed that for B2B customers reliability, responsibility, trust and 24/7 support are of great importance. Those customers inform themselves via search engines, content websites with peer reviews and reliable information and on company websites before taking the final buying decision.

Advertisers from the Telco, Retail (e.g. Office supplies, furniture) and Finance side explicitly address this mass market since 4-5 years in the US and since about 2 years in the European markets, striving for new markets after the B2C markets show first signs of maturation.

“Advertisers in Telco, Finance and Retail are hot to do business in the SoHo segment.” The challenge for them is to find the right publisher for their offerings, says Dorothea von Wichert-Nick. Bringing together advertisers and suitable publishers, networks can help to drive the market. For this purpose they have to actively approach their publishers and make them aware of the opportunities. Also they have to give them specific advise how they can open their platforms for B2B offerings.

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