A4U Expo Europe under the microscope

Following events in Amsterdam and Munich, this year’s A4U Expo Europe took place in sunny Barcelona. This week Hotel Rey Juan Carlos played host to hoards of affiliates, advertisers, agencies and networks.  A short walk through a beautiful garden brought us the Palau de Congressos, where the A4U was being held. It was here that over 800 delegates from all over the world congregated for 2 days to discuss about hot topics in our space, including social commerce, data usage, content and search strategies.

Having immersed myself in the event for two days I’ve put together a brief summary of some of the take away’s from a couple of the sessions that I felt were relevant to our customers:

Writing website content to aid conversions

To summarise this session encouraged participants to try and think like their own customers when reviewing website content. Look at your site and tick of this mental shopping list to optimize conversions.

Is the content of the site relevant to the products or services you’re selling?

1. Is the proposition offered (product, price…) the best of its kind, taking into consideration competitors?
2. Can I find what I’m looking for simply and quickly?
3. Can I easily access products that are relevant to me?
4. Does the content of the site make me feel like I need this product?
5. Was the browsing experience pleasurable and would I revisit and/ or recommend it to others?

To write good content that converts, don’t forget these key ingredients:

1. An ‘angle’  – what will the reader learn/ gain from reading on?
2. A strong headline to capture your customers attention immediately
3. A call to action be it free delivery costs or discounts if bought in combination with this product
4. The proof – testimonials, demonstrations or data that provides a reassurance that the decision to buy the product is the right one

View the presentation from this session with Dr Karl Blanks, Conversion Rate Experts

Another session I found quite inspiring was the session in which Skype shared their experiences on global program management. Key take-aways from this session were:

1. Think global, act local.
2. Act on affiliate feedback.
3. Work with a network that has a presence in the local market.
4. Research into local markets and have individual territory strategies to tie them in.

And finally some of Europe’s largest voucher advertisers discussed on the value add for advertisers on voucher code usage. Here are some of the key stats that I tookaway from this session:

  • UK research shows 68% of consumers are happy to switch brands if offered a voucher
  • The UK coupon market is currently worth £30billion
  • Site-wide deals, category-specific deals and product specific deals are the best performers on voucher codes sites

Follow the panelists on Twitter for more insight – @jochemvroom, @matthewwood, @whalesharkmedia.

And finally I cannot fail to mention the insightful sessions that were held by our CEO Dorothea von Wichert-Nick on the SoHo market and Strategy Director Chris Hauth on big data. Simply click on the names to read a summary of the session content.

All presentations from the event this week can be find here.

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